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Vegetarian Curry Dhal

My little boy loves roti canai.. and I am a fan of the Curry Dhal.. The Veggie Dhal.. I only like my roti canai goes with Dhall only.. :)

Recently cooked the Dhal for self indulgence and for family.



The ingredients.. I am using Dhal (Mentioned Dhall India.. doesn’t matter what brand as long as it’s Dhal), I am using 250g (Half of that plastic.. These was quite a lot. You can use less than half for small family).

I am mixing with the green bean (Kacang hijau) which ready halved. I am using about 100g.. that will be about 1/4 of that beans (Half of half).. :)



Soaked the Dhal and green beans for 1 hour.



Other important ingredients will be.. Cumin seeds (Jintan Putih), Fennel seeds (Jintan Manis), Halba and Mustard seeds (Biji Sawi).. all 1 teaspoon.. Not too much because it’s quite a strong flavour.. :)



Mixed all spices in a bowl.. beautiful.. :)



Next.. we need dried chillies (I used 2 small stalks only.. afraid of too spicy.. ;p).. and few of curry leaves (Use about 5 pcs should be enough.. I am using too much here)



For the Veggie.. I am using potato (2 potato.. diced) and carrots (Using baby carrots about 10 and just cut into small size.. If you use big carrot, just use 1 and diced).. 1 onion (Not in the photo… diced).

You can add the ‘snake gourd’ into the recipe too.. But I cannot find it here so just using what I have..
These are the Snake gourds (Source).. I hate to Google for the pic actually.. coz I am sure other ‘snake’ will come out.. ~.~

If you have that.. just diced..

Other ingredients needed.. Salt, water (Just covering the ingredients surface.. add  more during the cooking process if it drying out) and 1 tablespoon oil to saute the spices (Get ready a small sauce pan).

Now.. Cooking time..



Use a pot to cook. Heat fire (Slow heat) and place your pot. Put in the Dhall, green bean, all the veggies and add water just covering the ingredients surface (You can add water during the cooking process if it drying out).

Wait until cooked. It took about 40 minutes to wait for the Dhal to cooked. Don’t forget to stir sometimes. I stir like every 5 minutes to make sure everything cooked evenly. You can taste the dhal too to know if it cooked.



After 40minutes.. crush 2 bulbs of garlic and throw in.. stir..



After 40 minutes.. Stir and wait for another 5-8 minutes.



While waiting.. place a small sauce pan on the other stove (small fire).



Put about 1 tablespoon oil. Once heat up.. add in all the spices.. saute for a while about 1-2 minute or just until the curry leaves turn colour..



Quickly bring the spices into the Dhall.. and you will hear a beautiful sizzling sound.. Stir for  a while and it’s ready!



I bought a ready made roti canai from Giant.. This brand KART’S is the best ready made roti canai so far I tried.



This is how you prepare.. very easy.. The challenging part was to tap the hot roti.. haha.. Well wait for a minute then you tap..



Served hot.. Another favourite menu for my boy.. :)




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