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Me and My School Hood BFF at BELLA ITALIA KK

I am back home from my hometown, KK. Was away for a week for some important matters and at the end only 1 consider done.. *sigh*

I got very limited time and it was almost impossible for me to do a meet up with all my galfrens.. yet I am happy to pulled thru at least one meet up and it was with my school hood BFF.. (Yang lain2.. I will make it up to you all soon ya… )

It was a last minutes invitation by me and I am glad the ladies able to make it.. :)



I decided to have our meet up at Bella Italia KK. I’ve been eyeing their promotion menu which always appeared on my FB wall.. So tempted to visit the place and finally I made it.. with my BFF. :)

I am so excited to visit this place because I can see their menu looks promising and the prices are definitely affordable! It’s a small restaurant yet so vintage and I love it!! :)



My BFF waiting for our food.. we took the Piri Piri Chicken sets which are so affordable and tasty..



Their signature sauces.. yumm.. The promotion that we were having is going to end soon.. If I am not mistaken by 4th of July.. It was RM30 per 2 person.. and four of us.. only RM55.. Cheap or not?? At 1st we thought RM30 per person.. ;p



This was how they served.. and we really have double happiness.. we loves to eat this way, passing the food to each other. ah! Just like at home. :)

May be the food doesn’t look fancy in your eyes.. but we really enjoy the food. We finished the whole meal.. except the rice… that also left a bit.. (Diet konon.. ;-p)



During the dinner.. we were introduced to the oldest staff who work with the hotel.. The white hair guy.. such an honored.. and what a coincidence.. he work in that hotel (Jesselton’s hotel) with 1 of my BFF’s dad before.. Wyne’s dad.. :)

Jesselton’s hotel was the 1st hotel in KK… I just knew that.. ;-p



Since our bill was not killing us yet.. we added dessert on our menu.. yet we still paying less than RM30 per person, later that night.. what an awesome night.. PLUS the manager treat us a cappuccino with cinnamon. Thank You…. triple happiness. :)

Picture above ordered by my BFF Bella… we keep on joking with her… that this was her restaurant and we should get all these for free.. haha.. She was the only one ordering for Tiramisu Cake.



The 3 of us.. goes for the Chocolate pudding with ice cream on top… heaven! hihihi..


Photos below taken from my BFF’s FB.. :)

We seldom meet like this.. so when we met… we can talk until next morning… The restaurant closing time was 10pm.. we leaved around 10.15pm.. ;-p



Some pictures of the current us.. ;-p



Another.. Trust me… more pictures of us.. But I ended this post with this picture only… hihihi…

To know more about Bella Italia KK up coming promotion like their page HERE. Checkout their Ramadan promotion too.



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