1st Review For My Brand New Ritello Vacuum

Please do not changed your laptop/ipad/computer screen colour.. I am in the mood of playing with some vintage effects on my pictures.. ahaks..

It’s been almost a month now I am using the vacuum and this was my 1st time experience using it.




Have to be very careful when plugging in the nozzel, Make sure you can hear a double clicks during inserting. If not attached well it will brake. I am just sad to know that this RM6k vacuum got a very delicate plugging. boooo…. Ok.. that’s alright.. let’s continue.

I love it when I did the vacuuming on the floor.. It felt like my floor just been mopped! Especially on tiles. Because all the dust not able to sneak out from the vacuum anymore like my old vacuum. This time it will trapped inside the water.. I don’t even bother if my kids was around when doing the vacuuming. That 1 big pint there.

Last time.. every time I am vacuuming with my old vacuum.. everyone have to move away… dusty!! Haha.. what’s the point.. So I am glad we have Ritello.



1 BIG HUGE problem.. I am facing was.. it tangled!!!!! Urghhhhh…. Well this machine made to be stuck with wire so I cannot run away from this problem.. :(

Don’t you wish to have wireless vacuum?? Hahaha.. radio frequency pollution! :-p

Note: Please ignore our floor.. it’s like been ages never clean.. that is my problem and that is why we bought this Ritello.. hoping it helps.




This Vacuum comes with few head attachment for different uses. That corner there was never been clean. You tell me how.. that is a very freaking heavy dressing table. Even my hubby won’t waste his time to push.. so we never bother.

But Ritello have this special head which able to go thru a very tiny space like that.. and I am glad! I can even go underneath the dressing table.. because there is a small gaps so it fits.




I hate this connection pin what so ever! It hurts my thumb and nail.. I need to pressed so hard to make sure the pin attached together.. that was already hurts.. wait until it’s time to open.. the pressing button was inside the hole and I have to pressed further in to open.. I hate that… even I am typing this review I can still feel the pain.. :(

..and the BEST part.. I am changing head almost every time on certain part of the house.. and you can imagine how many hurts I have to go thru.. Well.. may be it’s still new?? Mmm.. I don’t know. There was time it goes smoothly.. but most of the time.. it’s hurt.. :(




This head is made to clean the curtain.. or pillows.. something like that. I am going to vacuum my curtain for the 1st time. It has been washed before but.. hey dust will comes back..

The thing that I don’t really like about this head was.. it permanently stiff. You know when you need to vacuum a tall curtain it will start from top to bottom.. most of the case. When it reach the middle part to down length.. the head is not attaching to the curtain anymore. I don’t know how to explain.. But I just wish the neck is flexible.. where it will bend when you going down.




And frankly speaking.. it was not easy to vacuum a curtain.. because it’s so soft.. it gave me a hard time to vacuum.. not like a wall.. easily swipe..

When listening the demonstrator telling me the vacuum can clean your curtain and he is doing just at the corner.. I was so excited about it.. Next time if you happen asking someone doing demo in your house.. ask them to clean the whole freaking curtain.. see easy or not… urghhh…

But.. practice makes easy… (Not perfect… nothing is perfect.. ;-p)

Any way.. I managed to vacuum the whole curtain in our room that day… with a wish never ever need to do that again. But since we bought it.. there is no way we not using it. I even wish for a maid.. at least maid can do for me haha.. but suddenly my mind said how if the maid break it… 6K!6K! Iskkk… Better not…

Ow.. Did I mentioned there is a setting for curtains and fabrics… it’s sucking the dust but not the fabric.. that is awesome. I can even vacuum my plastic flowers without need to worry it will be sucked.. :)




The dirt for that day.. haha..

I vacuum some coins too.. but easily removed it after throwing the water. My old vacuum.. I have to fight with dust to look for the coins or what so ever important stuff that been sucked..




I did the vacuuming on our bed again.. and this time it less gross than the 1st time during the demo. I need to keep on doing it until satisfied with the water vision.

So that is my 1st experience review. I have more review about this product. will post that next time.


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8 comments on 1st Review For My Brand New Ritello Vacuum

  1. beaty
    May 25, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    sa d rumh inda pakai vacum..lol..but yang sa suka tu kan dia buli isap yang d pisuk2 tu..

    • cathj
      May 25, 2012 at 10:08 pm

      Ya lah… di rumah parents saya pun tiada juga…. hidup juga kan… besar juga kami adik beradik..hahaha…

  2. UmmiRosma
    May 25, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    owh my…so ever expensive…6K!

    We have been ‘trapped’ into buying a heavy duty vacuum too with the brand Etech…here…it was sold at BND 2.5k and guna water jugak. But the most thing that I hate is the weight, berat…so most of the vacuumings are done by my dearest hubby…but puas hati jugak lah dgn product tu. Cuma tak diberitahu boleh buat as much as what your vacuum can do….lagi lah fabulous vacuum you ni dear.

    • cathj
      May 25, 2012 at 10:10 pm

      Trapped… haha.. I like that…

      Same here Ros.. memang berat… I am about to mentioned about that on my next review. Imagine I need to carry that up and down.. coz I used it everyday… sikit2 vacuum… sikit2 vacuum.. haha.. I love using it.. ;-p (Habis lah bill naikkk… ;-p)

  3. Aemy
    May 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    that’s cool! i hate the vacuum that my dad bought, it’s huge & heavy..huhu…

  4. SJB
    June 4, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Saya pun mahu ni vacum

  5. Brent
    September 19, 2012 at 6:23 am

    You are using the wrong tool when doing your drapes. You need to use the round duster tool, the one you were using and having a hard time with is for furniture and bed mattresses……hope this helps!! The beauty of trapping the dust….germs and bacteria in the water makes it all the worth while.

    • cathj
      September 21, 2012 at 8:27 am

      Really? The salesman gave a demo by using that tools.. you may be right.. the round tool is more softer and may be easier.. I will try on that on my next clean up project..haha.. thank you for the suggestion… cheers!