The Rees Hotel At Queenstown Nzealand

Our stay while in Queenstown New zealand was at The Rees Hotel & Luxury Apartment.

We stayed at Queenstown for 2 nights.. these was the days where we all have a good real sleep after been traveling and changing motels every night.. Phieww!



Outside the lobby..



Some view of the apartment row..



Inside the lobby..



We actually checked in on the evening.. it was dark already. When I woke up on the next morning.. got excited because we have beautiful view!



This view was taken from our apartment’s living area.. How I wish to have such view every day.. oh and the weather..



From the kitchen.. to the living.. to the view.. :)



The living area with the dine area.. Pardon for the mess.. ahaks.. ;-p



The best part.. we have our own laundry! OMG.. this was so important during our 2 weeks travel.. it’s not easy to find laundry shop.. and if they have.. we don’t have time to stay for a laundry. When we reached certain motel, it was already late and laundry are no more allowed coz we might disturb others.. :(



I am thankful to my BIL for giving us the whole room upstairs.. so we have our own bathroom with view too.



Having bath with such view.. ahhhh…. But I don’t have time to soak my body inside there to enjoy the view.. but my boy did.. :)

Personal note: So funny how we struggled to look for the button to wind down the canvas to close the mirror. Coz I just can’t do any ‘business’ with an open window like that and seeing boat keep on passing by sometimes.. no way! ha!



Another beautiful view from our room veranda..



Small boat passing by..



View from our bed..



2 comments on The Rees Hotel At Queenstown Nzealand

  1. nanak
    May 3, 2012 at 8:11 am

    punya lawa…hahaha..ndak juga dorg nmpk ba tu kali cath…

  2. Choi Yen
    May 4, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    wow, the sea/lake? view really breathtaking!